10 Twitter Habits to Avoid

I woke up to a couple of new followers this morning, one in particular looked very interesting! I immediately took a look at their tweets in excitement, for all the great content that was now going to revolutionise my Twitter Feed/life. Instead I was greeted by this…


I know this sort of thing happens all the time, nothing new right? However, for some reason, this morning was particularly annoying. We all have little habits that irritate us, I thought I’d share some of my Twitter gripes…

1. Auto Follow and Auto DM – Choosing to follow someone means that you’re interested in who they are and what they tweet, I don’t want an auto follow and I definitely don’t want an insincere DM thanking me.

2. Really Long Hashtags – Tweets are suppose to be quick bursts of information, I don’t want to be spending 3 hours trying to work out what your hashtag says.

3. Too Many Hashtags – At the same time, a tweet that is made up almost entirely of hashtags is pointless. If you don’t really have anything to say, don’t say anything…

4. Repeat Tweeters (pictured above) – The Twitter user that posts the exact same post every 5 minutes linking to their websites, or tries to hide it by wording it slightly differently.

5. Caps Tweets – Don’t tweet using only capitals, it looks crap.

6. Long URLs – This is probably due to my job, but I hate to see full URLs that could really easily have been shortened. Check out bitly.com and bookmark it…

7. Linking Facebook and Twitter – They’re two completely different platforms, the content needs to be tailored for each account. Auto posting one on the other doesn’t always translate properly and doesn’t look good.

8. Constant Tweeting – I know the strap line is ‘what are you doing?’ / ‘what’s happening?’ and most of the time we are doing something, but I don’t need to know all the details. Don’t tweet every single thing you do.

9. Pointless Abusive Tweets – Maybe it’s just your sense of humour or maybe you have a terrible sense of humour, but be respectful. What are you getting out of your abusive tweets? Apart from looking silly.

10. Twitter Gamers – You probably shouldn’t be playing Smurf Village at work, but if you are, definitely don’t link your twitter account to it so that it tweets every time you find a ‘fresh bag of smurfberries’.

Do comment with any other Twitter habits that I’ve missed/annoy you!

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