Campaign Spotlight: Raise Your Hand For Luca

Social media has transformed the marketing landscape, brands have the opportunity to connect with their audience like never before and customers have unprecedented access to the heart of an organisation. There have been a number of successful social media campaigns from various brands including General Electric who share ‘6 second science’Vines and Ben and Jerry’s, whose campaign empowered fans and followers decide on a new flavour through a social media election.


For me, a truly successful social media campaign is one that connects with an audience and can spread organically without relying on promoted tweets, boosted posts or social advertising. The success of a social media campaign therefore rests largely on users sharing the campaign content. To really get people sharing your content you need to connect with your fans, followers and readers on a personal level and let them be part of the story.

One of the most moving and powerful examples of this is the inspirational story of a 3 year old boy called Luca Williams and his parent’s campaign that turned a near tragedy into a global movement. In January 2012 Luca was struck down by Meningococcal Septicaemia and was only given a 3% chance of survival, against all odds Luca survived, although he wasfaced with the harsh reality that he would have to lose both his legs from the knees down. When distraught parents Mo Syed and Sian Williams told Luca that he’d have “clip-on legs” they were amazed that his immediate response was “can I have blue ones?!”. Luca’s positivity and resilience inspired them to start a campaign that touched the hearts of thousands, not only in their community, but across the globe. The ‘Raise Your Hand for Luca’ was set up not only to support Luca, but to raise awareness of Meningococcal Septicaemia. The idea was simple – one pen, one hand and a photo – write For Luca on your palm and share a photo ‘raising your hand for Luca’ through social media. The response was incredible with over 10,000 followers and 20,000 likes in a matter of weeks, social media enabled people to feel part of Luca’s story and has inspired numerous fundraising events. Luca’s story even reached the likes ofSebastian VettelPixie LottOlly MursGareth Bale and Stuart Broad, all raising their hand for Luca.

The reason that I admire the For Luca campaign is not only because of it’s inspirational story and simplicity, but because it engaged everyone that it reached, from the general public to major celebrities, making them part of the narrative. This campaign connected with the audience on leading to a huge success and one of the most moving organic social media campaigns I’ve come across. So far, nearly £225,000 has been raised and Luca continues to enjoy life to the full.