8 Reasons Why Squarespace Websites Are The Bee's Knees

In light of the launch of the stunning Squarespace 7, and as Squarespace lovers / specialists, we thought we'd give you a few reasons to go with the website & blogging platform over others like Wordpress, Tumblr, Blogger, WIX, Weebly and Typeface. 


1 | Beautiful Websites

Squarespace provides a vast range of 'out the box' templates for your website / blog, all of which are stunning in their own right. Many have features like parallax scrolling, integrating images and text beautifully - you can refresh your website and change your theme at any time! With the new Squarespace 7 there are also 15 brand new templates to choose from.

If you want to get something a little more custom out of your template you can work with a Squarespace Developer / Designer like us to really get your website exactly how you want it.

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 22.48.12.png


2 | Responsive Designs

With mobile browsing making up over 30% of internet traffic, your website needs to be responsive. All Squarespace templates are exactly that! 


3 | Content Management System

Squarepsace is incredibly simple to work with and the latest version features an extremely user-friendly and intuitive CMS. The drag and drop 'block' approach means that keeping your website / blog content fresh and updated is a walk in the park.

The new Squarespace 7 CMS also has live previewing, so you can see exactly what your latest blog post or webpage will look like as you create it!

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 22.48.12.png


4 | Customer Service

This is super important! Squarespace offer an awesome 24/7 support team that always get back to you quickly, they are also really active on Twitter which is a bonus!

As well as their in-house team there is also an 'answers' forum for Squarespace users / developers / designers. 


5 | Packages & Price

Unlike others, Squarespace offers and 'all in one' approach. With Wordpress for example, you need to arrange hosting, domain, plug-ins and themes. Squarespace offers all of this as part of their tiered packages.

What's more, the prices are really good - $8 / month for the 'Personal' package, $16 for 'Professional' and $24 for 'Business'. They even offer a 14 days free trial so you can try before you buy!


6 | Analytics & SEO

SEO is a priority for all website builds and you need to be on top of your website analytics. The built in SEO features on Squarespace make things really easy, with descriptions and metadata information editing available in the main dashboard. Make sure that your content is optimised with keyword placement and you'll be rocking the Google rankings!

The 'Metrics' tool is pretty nifty too, giving you a solid overview of website traffic and popular content. You can also, of course, integrate Google Analytics into your site.


7 | Integrated eCommerce

Starting a web store on your Squarespace site is a doddle. You can add products, images, stock information and prices in the eCommerce system to create a really swish user experience. Stripe integration also make taking payments and processing orders super easy. 


8 | Logo Builder

Need a new logo? No problem! Squarespace recently launched their Logo Creator feature that allows you to create simple and elegant logos for your business / website. The fonts match those found in the templates too so your logo will sit perfectly in your new site.


Heard Enough?!

Ready to start a new website with Squarespace?! Head over to their site and take a look for yourself! www.squarespace.com

If you have any questions about the platform or would like to talk to us about developing a Sqaurespace website we would love to hear from you!