An insiders guide to the perfect Website Brief

So you've decided to update you web presence with a brand new site! That's great news!

Maybe you are a small business owner looking to build a new website, or perhaps you work for a larger organisation and have been tasked with updating the existing website. Either way, the next challenge is getting everything down into one document that you can hand over to a web designer safe in the knowledge that they will understand exactly what it is you're looking for... 

That's where we've stepped in to help! In this post we have outlined a number of key areas and considerations that you need think about when building a Website Brief. It is by no means a definitive guide, and you may wish to add additional bits and bobs, it's simply here to point you in the right direction and outline some of the information that we find useful as Web Designers!

We have also made a handy sample template that you can download for free here.

Website Brief Guide


1 | About You/Your Company

Tell us a bit about you. The more we know the better!

- Overview of what you/your company do.
- Mission statement.
- Brief company history/background.


2 | Project Overview

Let us know what you’re looking for!

- Outline the website project e.g. is it a redesign of existing site or a brand new site?
- What are the timeframes for the build? Do you have a specific launch/relaunch date?
- Do you have a proposed budget for the project?
- Have you considered the content for your new website? We can help you build/write content if required.
- Will you provide image content or do you need us to source this?
- Who will be the main contact for the project?


3 | Target Audience & Website Ambitions

What do you want your website to achieve and who do you want one it?

- Who is your business targeted at?
- What type of users do you want on your website?
- Are you looking to attract a new audience?
- What do you want them to do when they’re there?
- What are the main objectives on your website?
- Are there any particular features you’re looking for to achieve the above?


4 | Design & Feel

How do you want your website to look and feel to use?

- Provide us with a bit of direction on how you’d like your website to look.
- Do you want users to scroll through the main pages that are split into different sections? Or perhaps you would like drop down menus with simple side navigation?
- What style of images do you want to use? Again, we can source these for you if required and we don’t use standard cheesy stock photos!


5 | Navigation

Can you provide a structure or just a list of the main pages you’d like?

- Approximately how many pages will you think you’ll require?
- Do you need help building a new navigation structure?
- If it’s a redesign an you provide your existing/old structure?
- This will also form the structure for you Web Copy document. 

Here’s a simple example:


1. Homepage

    1.1 What We Do
    1.2 Resources
    1.3 Contact Us

2. Services

    2.1 Website Design
    2.2 Social Media Management
    2.3 Digital Marketing
    2.4 Copywriting

3. Experience

    3.1 Clients
    3.2 Recent Case Studies
    3.3 Portfolio

4. About

    4.1 Our History
    4.2 Our Team

5. Blog

6. Contact Us

6 | Features and Functionality

What are the main defining/special features of your website?

- For example: Newsletter Sign Up, Blog Feed(s), Resource Download Page, Donation Feature, Web Store, Event Calendar etc.
- Do you need any features that might require extra development? Like a log-in/members area? 

7 | Inspiration and Competition

What do you like and who your competition might be!

- Send us a link to some websites that you really like with a few notes on why.
- Who are you main competitors? It’s always good to know what they’re up to and where their web presence is letting them down.

8 | Additional Requirements & Notes

Are there any other services that you require?

- Do you need and rebranding, logo design or creating engaging content?
- Use this section as a chance to make any additional notes or provide any other useful information that can help us. 

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