5 Tips to help mobilize your Content Strategy

“Content is King”

I’ve no doubt that you’ve heard, been told or even said it yourself. We all know the importance of quality content.

I recently read an article on Social Media Today that took it a step further with ‘Content is King and Distribution is Queen’ – pretty big stuff right?

Good content takes more than a barrage of hilarious memes and tweets promoting your latest product, scheduled on your Twitter account. So how can you get the most out of your content and maximise share-ability on Social Media? The answer is to be proactive, committed and adaptable.

Here are five tips to get things started:

1. Get involved in conversation (be social, don’t do social)

Social Media has transformed the marketing landscape, it is now a two-way conversation rather than the traditional one way broadcasting and advertising of products. Brands and companies now have an even bigger opportunity to actively personify themselves and connect with their customers like never before.

If you’re not active and involved in the conversations that are happening around your brand, you’re not making the most of the Social Media. Listen to what people are saying about your brand to each other and chime in (where appropriate)! Be human in your tone of voice, this will help your audience connect with you and your brand on a personal level.

Engage with bloggers on all levels, from key opinion leaders to niche bloggers, build a relationship with those who write about someone like you – bloggers are a great asset when it comes to building brand advocacy.

2. Varied content

Understanding your audience and what they are most receptive to is essential and may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how often it is overlooked. Keep your schedule as varied as you can with videos, links, images, infographics and polls at different times of the day.

Take the time to really understand the performance of your posts, a simple check of insights will tell you exactly what is working and when. Knowing when your audience is online and the best time to post will ensure that your content is seen by as much of your audience as possible.

When it comes to ensuring your content as shareable as possible try and provoke positive emotions in your reader through humour, expert advice or inspiration. When your content is enjoyed, you make a connection and in turn users will want to share this positive connection with others.

Images work well as a general rule of thumb, but please make sure that the images you share with your posts are of high quality and the right dimensions! There’s nothing worse than a low quality, pixelated image highlighted and pinned to to the top of a newsfeed. This infographic from Hubspot is a fantastic resource.

3. Consistency and commitment

Consistency is key, whether it’s your Facebook page, Twitter account or blog. Keep your feeds full and commit to distributing quality content on a regular basis in order to maintain an engaged and interested audience. Using scheduling tools like Hootsuite or Sprout Social are great ways to maintain consistency but don’t fall into the trap of relying on them and not keeping a handle on your accounts. Be available to react and adapt!

4. Use hashtags

Again, another seemingly obvious one, but hashtags are key to boosting the visibility of your content and driving it into relevant searches and lists. Staying aware of regularly trending hashtags can also help you keep things relevant. Don’t go overboard on them though, as a general rule of thumb 3-5 are optimal, any more and you’re boarding on spam central. This tip is particularly applies to Twitter and Instagram where hashtags are well established and used.

5. Don’t be afraid to ask people to share

If you don’t ask you don’t get! You need to make sure that you optimise the share-ability of your content through research and understanding, but at the same time don’t be afraid to ask people to share, retweet or reblog. If your readers like what you post they won’t mind being asked to share it, and if you’re confident in your content you won’t mind asking!

In spirit of this last tip, if you found this article helpful then please do share! 


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Article originally written by Tom Locke for Muddywall in 2013.