4 Reasons why this is our first blog post in a little while...

You may have noticed that I've not sat down and written a new blog post in a month or so, and I realise that that's seriously not cool... I can only apologise. Having found a window of free time I'm going to use to sort that out! This post serves as both an apology as well as a bit of an update on goings-on here at Hive Social.

1. We've moved!

 The awesome 77 Stokes Croft building...

The awesome 77 Stokes Croft building...

Just after Hive Social's 1st birthday I made the decision to up sticks and swap the peaceful metropolis of Monmouthshire for the hustle and bustle of Bristol!

I've always had a soft spot for the city and planned (in the back of my head) to explore what it would be like to live there. This of course meant that Hive Social needed to move to a new city too... 

Having found a place for me to live I needed to find a new home for Hive! This is where 77 Stokes Croft comes in... The shared office development is situated in the creatively diverse area of Stoke Croft in Bristol and offers a unique, collaborative and innovative environment - perfect! There's 3 floors of freelancers, small businesses and generally nice people, and I feel very lucky to have found such a perfect environment for Hive Social to thrive. This has been our home for just over a month and I'm immensely excited about the opportunities both Bristol and 77 Stoke Croft hold. 

2. We've been working super hard building awesome websites.

During the move, and over the last couple of months, Hive Social has been working on a load of lovely client sites! Here's just four of them:

LA Consult 

Hive Social was approached by an architect based in Bath to build a website for his new business venture! Following involvement with projects both in the UK and the Middle East over the last few years, Richard came back to the Bath to set up his own consultancy. He was after a crisp website that reflected his keen eye for detail and design.


Monmouth Festival 

Having grown up in Monmouth, the annual music festival that takes place in the summer has always been a big part of my childhood. I jumped at the chance to get involved as a voluntary committee member last year and offer my services in Live Social Media. This year called for a new website and I knew Squarespace was the perfect platform!


Verve Business Growth 

Nihal at Verve Business Growth got in touch following some work that had been started by another web designer. Unfortunately they hadn't quite captured her vision for her new Growth Consultancy website and so Hive Social was drafted in to get it on track!


Star Dancers UK 

London based dance troupe Star Dancers UK needed an updated website that reflected their diversity and creativity! The most important thing was to capture their performances / professionalism and allow potential clients to arrange event bookings.



3. We've being getting two new social clients settled in.

As well as a number of new website builds Hive Social has also expanded it's Social Media client list! Hive has been working with Lime Green Marketing over the last 6 months or so on various projects / campaigns and have now picked up some Social Media responsibilities for a couple of their clients.

Border Sundials and Fabric Mills are both local businesses that produce stunning quality products. For each client Hive has built a bespoke schedule of content that fits in to a strategy calendar built up of relevant events and themes. As well as scheduling and monitoring content, Hive is also responsible for regular day-to-day engagement. One of the biggest successes has been a recent Facebook competition for Border Sundials that had over 800+ entires and boosted likes by over 500! 

4. There's an office dog...

 Meet Duke - Distraction Extraordinaire. 

Meet Duke - Distraction Extraordinaire. 

Ok, I know this isn't really an excuse... But one of the perks of working at 77 Stokes Croft is that there are office pets, it's hard not to occasionally get distracted!

This may have potentially led to time that COULD'VE been spent writing blog posts actually being spent giving Duke attention.

He actually isn't in the office today, just saying...