5 Simple Tips for Getting Noticed on LinkedIn

With more than 364 million LinkedIn users worldwide it can understandably be hard to get your profile seen above the rest - here's a few easy tips to get your LinkedIn profile up to scratch!

1. Complete as many details on your profile as possible.

Make sure your profile is as full and fleshed out as it can be, a detailed and thorough profile looks far more professional than one that is lacking in content.

2. Make it visual!

Whether you have a website, blog, or demoreel, add these links to your profile to break up the text with examples of your work. Here's an example on the right, of my own profile.

3. Use an appropriate profile picture

Don't add your Mayfair filtered Instagram selfie that you took on a night out. LinkedIn is how you portray yourself professionally to clients and colleagues, so use a photo that sums up your position, job, or work culture. And if that fails, a simple high-quality picture of you in business attire is a safe fall-back option. 

4.  Endorse your connections!

Gather a good set of recommendations and skill endorsements from your connections - this will serve to strengthen your professional brand and looks good to recruiters and potential employers! Make sure you share the love by endorsing your connections.

5. Get involved

Join relevant groups you have an interest in and follow relevant influencers in your industry. These can be useful for networking whilst also keeps you up to date with news and information. Make sure you share updates to groups showcasing your knowledge of your industry.

Neil ChandratreyaComment