MailChimp 101: Getting Started

What is MailChimp?

MailChimp is a web-based email marketing application that has over 7 million users that send over 10 million emails every month.

MailChimp allows you to manage contact lists, send email campaigns and track resultsIt'll work on pretty much any web browser, (make sure to download the latest version of Adobe Flash) and also allows your customers / audience to subscribe to your list(s).

Even more awesome is that MailChimp offers plug-ins for other program - one of which is Squarespace! 

Go ahead and sign up for an account to get yourself started. 

Subscriber Lists

Before you can go off on a mass email spree, you need to create a subscriber list. From the Dashboard, hit the Create a List, follow the prompts to complete the various fields: list name, from email & name etc. Click save and done! Your first MailChimp list... Now you need to add some email addresses by importing an existing file or by creating a 'sign up' form. 

REMEMBER! Absolutely make sure to ASK PERMISSION before adding people to a marketing list. Users need to be aware why they are part of your list - either through an opt-in form, website integration (plug-in) & permission reminder information.

Create an Opt-In Form

This is where you can get the visitors to your site to sign-up for your email marketing.  From the Lists tab, select the mailing list for which you want to create a form and go to Signup Forms. From there you can design your form and share it with potential subscribers.  

TOP TIP! Have a fiddle about with the different sharing options to familiarise yourself, and see what works best for you! 

Time to Create a Campaign!

On the Campaigns tab, in the top-right corner you can click Create Campaign, this can also be done from the main Dashboard. Now you can start designing and creating the campaign, MailChimp has various options to configure in the process. 

TOP TIP! Again, familiarise yourself with some of the templates, MailChimp has some great templates and a simple google search could give you some awesome ideas! 

5 Tips For Your First MailChimp Campaign

  1. Make sure you have an eye-catching banner, to draw attention to your brand.

  2. Keep the message as concise and simple as possible.

  3. Break up text with pictures, a huge block of text is unnecessary.

  4. Link to your website/blog/social media.

  5. Review and send yourself test emails to insure it looks correct, and make sure the unsubscribe link is present.

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