'Squarespace Tips' launching soon!

Squarespace is an awesome platform that can really let you get creative, but sometimes there can be just a few little things that stop you from getting it just right. Now, there are plenty of useful articles, tips and various bits and pieces to help users get the most out of it - if you can find them! There are also a number of active Facebook groups and of course, Squarespace Circle if you don't mind asking. 

Here at Hive Social, we thought:

Wouldn't it be great to have one place for Squarespace users to easily pick up just a few tips, simple code snippets and how-to guides?

We're currently working hard behind the scenes to bring you just that... Squarespace Tips is going to be a one-stop resource centre for all things Squarespace to help you get your Squarespace site looking KICK-ASS.

Sound good?

Have you got something specific you would like us to include it on Squarespace Tips? Let us know in the comments below!