Squarespace Updates: 9


Squarespace has certainly been busy in recent months, with a number of updates and key features announced. Here's a round up of what's new!


Authorised Trainer program

Squarespace recently announced the launch of a new 'Authorised Trainer' Program which, based on an in-depth application process, aims to connect Squarespace customers with designers & training experts to help get them started on the platform. Hive Social has officially been approved as an Authorised Trainer and, as well as continuing to provide platform training for our clients, we have some big plans for workshops and group training events - keep an eye out for details soon!



Customer Accounts for online stores

Arguably one of the biggest announcements this year, and an extremely long awaited feature, is Customer Accounts! With Customer Accounts, you can increase sales and build ongoing relationships with your customers with the following features:

  • Customers can create accounts and save their credit card information and shipping addresses for a faster checkout.
  • When customers are signed in, they can view their past orders and update their saved information.
  • You can see who’s created an account and analyse each customer’s purchasing behaviour in the 'Customers' panel.
  • New email notifications can be customised to become branded touch points in the 'Notifications' panel.
  • Customers can sign in at checkout. In some templates, they can also sign in through the site header via an embedded link, which can be presented as text or an icon.

Customer Accounts will be available on the Commerce Basic and Advanced plans, and to use this feature, Checkout on Your Domain must be enabled. Checkout on Your Domain will also be available on the Commerce Basic and Advanced plans. Once this feature is released, you can get started by enabling the feature under Settings > Customer Accounts.

Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 11.03.07.png

Gift Cards for online stores

Earlier this week Squarespace announced 'Gift Cards for Online Stores'. These are added to your store just like any other product and the recipients can use it as payment for orders from your online store. Every purchased gift card has a unique code and when redeeming a gift card code at checkout, customers will see the card value subtracted from their order total. They can also see the balance remaining on the gift card. This is a very welcomed, and well timed, feature - with Christmas just around the corner online stores / merchants are gearing up for the holiday season. More information on adding gift cards to your store can be found here.


Google reCAPTCHA for form blocks

It seems that Squarespace snuck this little update in without making much noise, but this is a big step towards reducing spam form submissions. Google reCAPTCHA prompts visitors to check a box to prove that they’re not a robot before they submit the form. In some cases, they’re prompted to complete another task, like identify a string of letters. This method makes it difficult for spambots to complete form submissions. More information on how you can set up Google reCAPTCHA can be found in this support article