Squarespace users can now accept payments through PayPal!


PayPal integration has long been one of the most requested features faced by Squarespace and earlier this week news emerged from New York that commerce users can FINALLY accept payments using the service - happy days!

 Source: Squarespace - PayPal Launch  Blog Post

Source: Squarespace - PayPal Launch Blog Post

PayPal is fast becoming the preferred payment method for users as it makes things supper easy and bypasses the usual verification stages - all you need it your email address and password or, to make things even simpler, PayPal One Touch.

PayPal launched in beta form as of yesterday and all you need to do to set it up is head to Settings > Commerce > Payments > 'Connect PayPal' and follow the prompts found in the pop up window. Further information on connecting PayPal to your Squarespace website can be found here

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