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Squarespace allows us to offer an experience that breaks the mould of traditional web design.


Hive Social

We help businesses of all shapes and sizes realise their potential online. We've been designing & building Squarespace websites since 2012, so we know the platform inside out. We specialise in custom Squarespace design that push beyond any limitations of a template-based system. As well as being active Squarespace Circle members, we're one of just a few officially recognised UK Squarespace Specialists and Authorised Trainers - two badges we wear with great pride.



Squarespace is a beautifully simple website platform with designer templates, a super-intuitive drag & drop Content Management System and award winning 24/7 customer support. It started in 2003 and currently has over 1 million users, including well known brands like Pixar, Lyft, Tony Hawk, Girlboss and Airwalk. Squarespace is cost effective & fully hosted - you get a reliable cloud infrastructure, no downtime and nothing to install or upgrade.


University of Chicago

Website design & build for the TATA Centre For Development


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Half Hitch© Gin

Website design & build for London Gin distillery

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It's as simple as...



Brief & Proposal

We make it our primary concern to fully understand your business & vision through our in-depth briefing process. Once we understand exactly what we need to do, and we've shared a few ideas, we provide a project proposal that details exactly what we'll do, how we'll do it and what to expect from a project with Hive Social.


Plan & Build Out

Once the Project Proposal is signed off, it's time to make a start! Once we're settled on a starting point for the overall design, we will build out the main architecture of you new website before uploading your optimised content. Every design has the customer journey in mind, ensuring a natural flow and progression from landing to contacting.


Design & Develop

We work to your specifications to present an appealing design experience that captures the essence of your brand. We take a standard Squarespace template and transform it using custom CSS, Javascript & HTML - resulting in cleanly coded, purposefully designed and developed website for your brand.


Test & Launch

Every single website that we build goes through rigorous user testing and final quality checks. We take the time to ensure that no matter who is viewing your website, they are getting the best experience possible regardless of which device they might be using. 


Projects starting from £2,000



Website design & build for boutique Bristol restaurant


Frequently Asked Questions


Is Squarespace reliable?

Squarespace is a super reliable, all-in-one website & content management platform. Squarespace's status page is dedicated to showing you when Squarespace runs into trouble - as you can see, any bugs or issues are very infrequent and resolved very quickly.

Will my website be mobile-friendly?

All of Squarespace's templates are mobile-friendly, so you can be confident that your website will look great on both desktop, smartphone and tablet. We ensure that every project we work on is built responsively across all screen sizes and rigorously test then on multiple devices & browsers before launch.

How much does Squarespace cost?

Squarespace offers monthly plans starting at £13 / month or annual plans starting at £120 / year - the costs will depends on the specific requirements of your website. If you build your website with Hive Social, we can get you 20% off your first year! More info on Squarespace's pricing can be found here.

Do I need a third party web host?

Nope! All Squarespace plans include fully-managed cloud hosting, ensuring your website remains available at all times.

Can you build a blog site or online store?

Of course! We love helping people to express themselves on their blog. There are lots of great templates for bloggers on Squarespace that can show off their content in many different ways. We can then customise these styles for you to give you a great and unique looking blog for all to see. Check out our tailored package for bloggers above.

We have lot's of experience with building online stores on Squarespace. We can advise you on a template that will show off your awesome products or services and then teach you how to maintain your store online. This will include, stock levels, discounts, sales as well as understanding at your sales data.

Can you build a membership site?

Yes! Squarespace doesn't offer membership as a standard feature but there are a number of third party options that we can set up and imtegrate with Squarespace and style everything to offer a seemless user experience.

Do you maintain my website?

We can absolutely maintain your site for you if needed. We have a dedicated page for this located here. We offer suport and maintenance packages that can cover: blogs, content updates, product management, SEO, content optimsation, general 'housekeeping' and loads more!

How quickly can you build my site?

We always aim to build your site as quickly as possible, but timeframes are dependant on our work schedule. We always try to predict when we will have large amounts of work coming in and if this will effect your project then we will let you know. With every project we will ask for a deadline and we will try to meet this deadline every time.

What kind of support is available?

Squarespace is a very reliable platform, but they do have an award winning 24/7 customer support service. If you'd prefer us to help out, we'd be more than happy to offer our own support and expertise to help solve any issues that may occur. We also offer regular support and maintenance via our Membership Support Program.

Why Hive Social?

We are incredibly passionate about the Squarespace platform and have over 5 years experience in custom Squarespace design & development. We are one of jsut a handful of UK-based official Squarespace Specialists and authorised Squarespace Trainers. We are also active Squarespace Circle community members and work closely with Squarespace themselves as the UK's leading specialist.

Our company culture is based around working with our clients, not for them. We take a unique and collaborative approach to website design & development and can offer our clients a truely personalised service.

What is your process?

Each client we work with is different - we tailor our process to work in a way that suits you - but a project with Hive Social generally works like this:

1 | Project Proposal document based on detailed brief
2 | Shared project folder set up
3 | Template options document
4 | Squarespace account set up & optimisation
5 | Set up website architecture / site map
6 | Content build out
7 | Design & development (incl. custom code)
8 | Review, amendments & changes
9 | Full site, browser & device testing
10 | Go live!
11 | Monitoring & any bug fixing
12 | Basic Squarespace training

Will I be able to update my website myself?

Definitely! All of our clients have 100% ownership of their completed website and Squarespace's content managment system is super simple. All of our design & build packages include basic platform training, so you can handle all 'day-to-day' content updates on your website. Any larger updates to your website can be handled as part of our support and maintenance service.

What do I need before we start?

We can help you build a final site map but we'll need a clear idea of what pages you want on your new site. As well as this we will need all available image & text content, access to your domain host as well as a 50% deposit before work commences.

Do you offer other services?

Although our speciality is website design and development, we work with a number of partners that offer a range of services including: copywriting, social media managment, content marketing, digital marketing, graphic design, branding and logo design, animation, illustration, photography and videography. We can easily bring these partners on board and include / manage their services as part of a whole project.

How do I need to pay?

We accept payment via Bank Transfer, PayPal or online payments. We are more than happy to accept payment via other methods and offer flexible payment schedule if necessary - please feel free to contact us to discuss options.

Do you work with clients outside of the UK?

We are based in the UK but we work with clients all over the world! We have a very flexible work schedule and pride ourselves on the adaptable approach we take. We always endeavour to make projects for our international clients run just as smoothly as any UK based project.