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Need help with your Squarespace website? We offer one-off or more regular support.


How we can help

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How we work




First we make sure we know what the problem is. This may involve a phone call or a Skype call and we might need access to your site. From here we can see the problem and let you know the best course of action to fix it.


Soft Fix

Once we know what needs fixing and we have an idea on how to fix it, we will run a few tests and try a few soft fixes using Google Chrome inspect Element. This can tell us a lot about how the site it behaving.


Hard Fix

If the soft fix stage is successful then we will implement it onto your site and test it has indeed fixed the problem. If the soft fix did not work then we will need access to your site to do more testing to fix the problem. After finding the issues we will fix it and perform the relevent testing afterwards. 


Sign off

After we have completed the fix we will let you know and you can test it for yourself. When you are happy that the issue has been fixed then we can sign off on the project. You will receive a 2 week grace period after the sign off to make sure that the issues does not come back. If it does then we will fix it.


Moonraker VFX

Squarespace development for award-winning Bristol VFX studio


Squarespace Development & Support Pricing

Whether you're an independent start-up, aspiring blogger or a full service agency (and anything in between!) we can help take your Squarespace site to the next level with one-off or more regular support.


One-time support

70 Something not quite right on your site? We have years of experience in designing, developing & coding Squarespace websites. We'd love to help you out!
  • Custom coding / development
  • SEO audit & maintenance
  • Mobile design optimisation
  • General website maintenance
  • Content & product upload
  • Image & video optimisation

Member Support

55 Get more regular support at a reduced rate by joining our Membership Support Program, perfect for agencies and busy Squarespace designers.
  • Tailored monthly support & maintenance package
  • Dedicated hours in our work schedule
  • Prioirty support via email, phone and chat
  • Pre-launch access to new products & services
  • Membership discount our Plugin & Code Store
  • Min 2 hours per month contract


Squarespace development for London floral design studio


Frequently Asked Questions


Do you do custom coding?

Custom coding Squarespace is OUR JAM! We love pushing the limits of what's possible Squarespace and have built custom elements on hunreds of sites. Whatever you want your Squarespace site to do - we can make it happen.

How much support can I get?

You can get as much support as you want! Once your request is recieved we will get back to you with a quote and timeframe - if it's looking like a lot of work, we'll look at pricing up as project to save you time & money.

How quickly can you complete support requests?

Completion times are determined by the complexity of your request and availability in our work schedule. We keep our work schedule super adaptable and always endeavour to fit in support requests as quickly as possible.

Can you manage my online store?

Absolutely. We can help out with online store management, add new products and edit listings - everything apart from shipping!

Can you source images for me?

We can definitely source stock imagery for you if needed. We can pick out some great images from a number of free-to-use sites or paid for stock imagery, either way we always take the time to find really well suited images. No cheesy boardroom photos on our websites!

Can you help with content or other services?

Although our speciality is website design and development, we work with a number of partners that offer a range of services including: copywriting, social media managment, content marketing, digital marketing, graphic design, branding and logo design, animation, illustration, photography and videography. We can easily bring these partners on board to help out with your request.

Should I get a membership?

This depends on the complexity of your website and the amount of support / maintenance you need. Our Membership Support contracts are really flexible, so you can add or take away monthly hours depening on your needs. As well as discounted rates, membership includes priority support and discount in 'The Hive' - which is coming soon!

What if I want to cancel my membership?

We want our memberships to remain flexible, so we will always endeavour to adapt your monthly support package to suit your changing needs. However, if you wih to cancel your membership all together, you can do so anytime with 30 days written notice.

Do I have to pay for the support before I get it?

Yes, you will need to pay for the support (once we've agreed a quote) before we can give it to you. If you require a lot of support, we may look at quoting for the work as a fixed project - this will follow the deposit payment strucutre details on the Design & Build page.