Summary Blocks


Don't like the look of your image gallery page on your site? Use this neat little trick to style your gallery using the summary block. 

Step 1: Set up a gallery

If you don't already have a gallery page on your site, go ahead and set one up on a standard page with your favourite images.

Step 2: Move to 'Not Linked'

Now take your gallery page and drag it into the 'Not Linked' section of your site and leave it there.

Step 3: Set up a new Gallery 'Page'

Now you need to create a new standard page in the desired position within your navigation. This blank page is going to be you actual gallery page.

Step 4: Insert a Summary Block

Next, you need to insert a summary block - there are 4 different types: Wall, Carousel, List and Grid. Choose which type you'd like and the gallery page you set up in step 1 to start pulling through your images in to your new gallery!

Step 5: Style your block

Customise the block to how you want it and you now have a lot more styles for your galleries. Remember there is a 30 item limit to the summary blocks!