Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need prior code knowledge to recieve training?

Nope! You do not need any prior code knowledge to recieve our training. Unless you have requested it then the only training package that will involve coding is the Advanced Code training. Even this can be tailored for beginners.

Do I get any material after the training?

Yes, you will get any relevent material that we have put together for you as well as post-training support. We're more than happy to answer any questions that you may have following your training - however, if it's looking like you need some more in-depth help then we can look at scheduling in another training session or some Member Support.

How long are the training sessions?

They are as long as you want them to be. We can train you for an hour or for a week (if you really want it!) - most people that want specific training get a few hours over skype or phone. Those that want a more comprehensive training session will generally require a few hours. We can even schedule a number of days of face-to-face training across multiple weeks / months if needed! We make sure that we tailor our training to match you specific needs.

Why should we choose Hive Social?

We are official Authorised Trainers, meaning that Squarespace have approved the quality of our portfolio and overall expereince. Should you chose to book an Advanced Code training session, you'll be in the extremely capable hands of our Head of Development who has over 6 years of experience in the IT industry.

Where will the training take place?

Anywhere! That's the simple answer. We can train you over the phone or via Skype. We can train you at your home, Face-to-face or we can hire out a meeting room at a venue of your choice.

Do you do discounts for group training?

Yes, we can do group training and do offer discounts. The cost will be calculated when we know where the training will be held and how many people will be attending.

If I am ill on the training day can I get a refund?

We understand that things happen! If the training is to be delivered via a phone call or Skype then this can be easily rescheduled - however, if you have booked a face-to-face training session, then we will need as much notice as possible in order to reschedule.